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Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

"I remembered thinking to myself; surely a nurse or my husband can be entrusted to capture precious photos of the most life changing experience; and in the heat of the moment get it right?" - Tarryn

"You will not regret it one bit." - Tarryn

I’m writing to you from the other side… I was you once; sitting, scrolling, trying to decide “hmmm is a birth photographer really necessary.?”

The investment… wow such an investment, is there really the need?

I was on the fence about it. I mean we have video at weddings and funerals... but for some reason having a birth photographer seems a lavish decision.

I figured that these days we whip out smart phones at every opportunity… essentially anyone with a phone can be a photographer, right?!

I remembered thinking to myself; surely a nurse or my husband can be entrusted to capture precious photos of the most life changing experience; and in the heat of the moment get it right?

The thing that made my mind up, one day we're leaving an ultrasound appointment where I had excitedly requested my hubby whip out the phone to film this little blob on the screen... we got in the car and on the way home he said, “You know sometimes hun, I just want to be in the moment with you and enjoy it.”

Well, that was it. My mind was made up - I thought, you know what buddy, that’s fair enough! I didn’t want the task of taking photos to fall to my partner or a nurse… both of these people will have their own jobs to do on the day.

So TRUST ME when I say with 100 percent certainty; that YES, you need a little bit of Amber in your life.

You will not find anyone better to capture your birth magic - the good, the bad and the ugly; they are all so beautifully raw, forming this transformative event of welcoming your baby earthside!

Having Amber there also allowed me to share our birth with special people (like my mum, MIL & sister) who would have loved to be in the room; but we wanted for the moment to be just my hubby and mine.

These beautiful photos and video have allowed all of them to share in the birth with us.

There was certainly some tears that fell when we shared. My husband and I also cried when we watched back the birth of our son.

Amber was so accomodating and helped to tailor a package especially for us; capturing photography bliss that documented beautifully our pregnancy and birth journey.

Over the nine months growing the human the cost is paid in manageable payments that made it a breeze.

She came on the day with a backup camera in the event that we needed a cesarean (which we did)... and edited all the pictures caught by a nurse but as I laboured all day she captured so many shots that I wouldn’t have even recalled because I was so in the moment. It was exactly what we wanted!

Personally for me the ‘full frontal’ wasn’t what I was after; and originally my mum was horrified when I said a birth photographer, she exclaimed “oh gosh NO!” Lol! I showed her Ambers work, her tasteful, powerful photos that encapsulate the energy of the room, mum was then in full support!

Ambers photos zoom in on the small moments and capture perfectly the tenderness from my husband, our midwife and us working as a team to bring our baby into this world. Exactly what I wanted as I knew the memories would likely be foggy for this as I would be focusing on our birth.

She’s there snapping away and I was oblivious to her moving around; my partner on the other hand found her an incredibly calm, stable energy to anchor to in the room; when in a moment he was helpless for the pain I was experiencing. He said after it was so good to have her there, a supportive, familiar face and found her so helpful. “She’s a legend!”

Amber slipped into the room when things were ramping up; and stayed long into the night capturing my sons first moments on earth post c section in recovery, then spends hours editing to bring this magic to life. She is on call for the lead up to the birth and the time she spent with us, the investment makes total sense!

With all those post pregnancy hormones and Mum brain fog.. I’m SO thankful that I have these incredibly precious photos that we will treasure forever.

You will not regret it one bit.

Enjoy the ride Mumma; and don’t forget to call Amber!

Tarryn Xo


If you're interested in having your birth journey documented, you can get in touch with me here or if you're still unsure and have some questions, just do the same and ask away – I can’t wait to hear from you!

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