Amber May is a Perth based photographer. Specialising in professional birth photography.

Documenting home birth's, birth centre birth's and hospital birth's. 

Along with newborn, pregnancy and maternity and families.

©2018 by Amber May

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Perth Birth Photographer

This is your journey. As it begins. As it unfolds. As it grows.

"When our first son was born I was asking my husband question after question, trying to recollect the whole experience. I wanted to know every detail from his perspective as he supported me and witnessed our baby being born. I would have loved to have seen his reaction. As we were too busy soaking up the moment we didn’t take many photos, this is what made me consider having a birth photographer with our second baby. I was in two minds though. The thought to capture the journey and that beautiful moment of our baby being born excited me, but I was also worried the photos would be confronting while I’m in such a vulnerable state. I’m so happy I let go of my fears and allowed Amber into our birthing space. She was extremely professional, respectful and comforting to everyone in the room, I even forgot she was there at one point. Our sons first cry, our reactions, the first cuddles, the tears of happiness, isn’t just a memory but something we can look back on forever which bring back all those beautiful emotions with it. Thank you so much Amber for the incredible photos you have taken! It was the best decision we ever made! Xx" - Sophie


Hey there, I'm Amber.

Our Journey Starts Now.

I'm a professional birth photographer servicing the Perth metropolitan area.


I know first-hand what it's like to come away from your birth thinking: 'What. Just. Happened?'


Labour land is a powerful place. An intense place. Pair that with the beautiful oxytocin high at the end and you're left with a memory that feels like a dream.


I can help you to piece together you story. To process your birthing journey.


My passion is documenting your strength and vulnerability, capturing first breaths, becoming a mother and watching your family grow. The love. The hugs. The messy. The complicated.


My images speak about connection. Raw, honest and beautiful.


I want to show you what you look like from the outside. What you can’t quite see, feel or believe in just yet. I want to connect you back to who you were in those moments. I want these images to give you a sense of grounding and a base in which to navigate those early days. 


You can trust me to authentically document your journey.


I'm so looking forward to getting to know you.

x Amber

Photography by Amy Caitlin and Belle Verdiglione

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