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Perth Birth Photography

Unscripted portraits, artfully documenting the raw beauty of life.

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A tailored birth photography experience.

Your birth journey is unique.


That’s why you deserve a birth photographer who will capture your beautiful, raw connections and emotions in every frame. Someone who can help you piece your story back together, providing you with an emotional roadmap to retrace the steps of your birth and motherhood journey. Someone who will provide personalised care from our very first meeting to the moment your unbound album arrives on your doorstep.


Sound like a dream?


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—  Sam, Quinns Rocks WA

To say that Amber captured what was most important to me is an absolute understatement. Amber has completely blown my mind with my birth gallery and has given me possibly the most cherished images I have. When I look at my birth gallery I feel like I can bring myself back into that moment, into what each surge felt like, that feeling of my baby moving down with my body to make her grand entrance. I can see my husband’s face as he watches on and the never ending hand holding (or hand crunching if you will) that I never went a surge without.

I kept my eyes closed throughout most of my birth but any time I did open my eyes I never had a camera in my face, instead I was met with Amber and her comforting, gorgeous smile. Amber was so gracious and I honestly never even thought about or realised she was photographing away.

Get the tailored support you need and have the photos and film that you will love forever.

I know that every journey is different and you probably have lots of questions for me.

I'd love for us to get to know each other and ultimately create something incredible together.


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Thank you for being here, your journey to motherhood is so worthy of documenting.

I believe there’s something powerful and healing from seeing yourself from the outside. Your raw authenticity. From the moment I’m with you I wait for these moments to unfold. Pain. Humour. Vulnerability. Euphoria. Love.

I know first-hand just how awe-inspiring motherhood can be; my own two little ones changed my personal life while also shaping my creative one. Giving birth is one of the most real experiences that a human can go through and although nothing can prepare you for the surge of emotion you’ll feel on the day, my creative eye and empathic heart will help you remember all of the valuable moments. The highs and the lows. The raw and the real.

I would be honoured to be by your side supporting you during your journey to motherhood, preserving the life-changing memories that you’ll want to revisit when all is calm again. Let me join you on one of the most defining days of your life and empower you through all the blood, sweat, tears and - ultimately - boundless joy.


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