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black and white image of amber may sitting on her bed laughing with her two children.
the words Amber May are written across an illustration of a flower that curves to the left.

Hey! I'm Amber.

That's me with my two little people.
I’m a professional birth and motherhood photographer, videographer, graphic designer, mother and proud Perth local.

This is My Journey

I’ve learned through experience that motherhood can be hilarious, difficult, beautiful and wild.

In 2015, my life was utterly changed when I had my first child. 


My transition to motherhood was a complicated yet incredible experience. I was so focused on the physical birth of our beautiful daughter that I hadn’t really considered what would come after. It seemed impossible to conceive of an ‘after’. Three days after she was born, I hit 30 and the oxytocin high I had been riding came to a crashing end. The baby blues hit me hard. On the surface, her birth had been a smooth, textbook process. But inside, there was so much I needed to process. So much in fact, that it took a good six months for the haze to truly lift. 


During that period, I was drawn to images of mothers birthing their babies. They seemed so empowering to me. Mothers in all their realness, rawness and beauty, taking a stand in front of the lens. The love, the joy, the blood, the tears. The connection. I realised that these are the moments that need to be remembered. 


When I fell pregnant a second time, the first thing I did was hire a birth photographer (thats me below, mid surge). This time, I didn’t need the photos to process any trauma - instead, they were a medium for me to preserve all the important memories. The way my fresh newborn son's face looked as he took his first breath. How my wonderful midwife supported me. The strength and vulnerability of my husband. It was a priceless investment. 


I believe every moment of motherhood is worth preserving. Let me help you recapture your journey, piece by piece, moment by moment, in all its feminine, life-giving power.

black and white image of amber may in labour. She is in the shower at the birth centre.
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