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Birth photography Perth Homebirth
the words Amber May are written across an illustration of a flower that curves to the left.

Pricing and Packages

As it begins;

when the first immeasurable wave washes over you,

drawing you in,

connecting you to your unborn baby.


As it unfolds;
when the burning,
‘I just can’t go on!’
transcends through your whole being. 


And finally as it grows;
when the euphoric:
‘I just fucking did it!’
surges through your soul,
carrying you back down to earth.

mother in a birth pool in Perth WA home birth clutching newborn baby

And if things don’t quite go to plan,
that’s ok too.
This is why you hired me.

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Your Memories

View yourself from the outside in. Recognise the strength, the beauty and the courage that you may have never even realised you had. Revisit the moments of creation that vibrate through your whole being, the climb and summit of your hero’s journey. Receive tangible memories, heirlooms to pass down to your children and beyond to your children’s children. A connection stretching through generations, transcending time. Together we can make this a reality. If you’re planning a hospital, birth centre or home birth in Perth, I can’t wait to create something incredible with you.

woman in labour stands taking a drink from her drink bottle holding the gas and air tube at the FBC
woman in post surgery recovery, holds her just born baby after maternal assisted cesarean Perth

Your Journey

I know first-hand what it’s like to come away from your birth thinking, “What. Just. Happened?!” Labour is an intense, primal space. Pair that experience with a surging oxytocin high and you’ve got the cocktail for a memory tinged with the surrealness of a dream.


As a birth photographer in Perth, I can help you piece your story back together, providing you with an emotional roadmap to retrace the steps of your birth journey.

your birth journey

Your Investment

Reaching the destination of motherhood through the journey of birth is an incredible, intimate, life-altering event. I believe that it’s crucial to piece the emotions of that journey together and process the voyage away from the eye of the storm. If you’re looking to hire a birth photographer in Perth, my Birth Journey packages are listed below. Let’s link up and have a chat over the phone or in person; we can learn about each other, how you want your journey remembered and ensure our energies align.


All packages include: 


  • A pre-birth meet-up with you and your birth partner so we can go over your preferences as well as any and all questions you may have. 

  • Once we forge our relationship, I will be on call for you 24/7, from 38 weeks right up until the birth.

  • Unlimited photographic coverage of your birth, all the way from active labour to approximately one hour after the birth. 

  • A private, password-protected online gallery of hand-edited digital images to share and download as you please. 


Payment plans are available as well as a la carte options.

woman in bath holds her just born baby on her lap at home in perth

Choose Your Birth Journey Package

Enquire for your birth month today!


Fill out the questionnaire below

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"During my labour Amber was a quiet, calm presence in the room. Both my partner and I have said how she seemed to give off an energy in room that made us feel supported and empowered, you can tell she was born to work with birthing women. The icing on the cake was receiving our photos. I expected the photos to be beautiful but I didn't expect her to capture moments in such an artful way. I have looked at our album everyday since our son was born and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Amber. Birth photography with Amber was the best money I have ever spent, I cant recommend her services enough!"

—  Hannah, Perth Western Australia

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